The Great Predictor Strikes Again

Scott Adams wants to be fact-checked in the future. And yet, it’s already clear that he’s wrong.

Fact-Check me:

Probable Winners: China, USA, NATO unity

Probable Losers: Russia, Ukraine, Europe

24 Feb 2022·

Correction: Russia and China are the winners here. Europe will be better off if the EU is a loser along with the USA, NATO, and the ever-feckless UN. Ukraine will almost certainly be better off too. Most importantly, Scott left off the Western Democratic Neo-Liberal Rules-Based New World Order, aka Globohomo, which is the primary loser.

I have far more confidence in John Bradley’s prediction.

1 Month Later: “Hey, I just said they were the probable winners/losers, which they objectively were. That unanticipated events changed the outcome, well heck, you can’t blame that on me! I still called it correctly!”