They Know They’re Wrong

Karl Denninger notices that the vaxxers are already seeking to put their two-year tyranny behind them by seeking absolution for their little mistakes from those they have irretrievably harmed:

It’s starting.

It began with ClottAdams with his “well, if you were on the other side of this argument you didn’t know you were right either” nonsense, where he went cognitive-seizure on someone who commented on one of his podcasts, using all manner of nasty words to describe the women who called out his bull****.

The politicians aren’t offering any sort of apology, of course. Nor compensation. Nor personal consequences for the ruin they served up on you — whether you personally got hammered by their business closures or other bull****, you got ****ed and you see it every time you go to the grocery store or gas station, so save me the crap about how “oh it didn’t actually hurt me.” If you believe that you’re too stupid to be permitted to consume oxygen.

Now its all over so-called “social media” too, with pleas to “bury the hatchet” as restrictions are lifted and “forgive.”

Well, let me answer that request with just one word and if you don’t want the rest, stop reading here: NEVER….

Spare me the bull**** about “it would have been worse” without them; you have zero evidence to back that up and what you claimed was that you wouldn’t get the virus if you had the shot, which was a lie. Indeed, the FDA continues to maintain, as they did originally along with the manufacturers, that the jabs PREVENT Covid-19.

They do not, and that is conclusively proved at this point. Any claim otherwise is a lie and anyone coerced on that basis, which includes any claim of “protecting others”, was and is an open and outrageous fraud. Indeed the early data was that a very material percentage of people were already immune (e.g. Diamond Princess) so a reasonable hypothesis is that the shots in fact made it worse by destroying existing immunity to the virus. There’s plenty of evidence to back that up too, including the wildly high rate of people getting the virus again after having it and then getting jabbed while those who simply got the virus and refused jabs are not seeing the same thing happen to them (myself included.)

The fact is that all those people lied about the jabs. Knowingly, intentionally, maliciously and for that every one of them should burn in Hell. Indeed if they get sent there a bit early I’ll tip a glass, not in mourning but in celebration. Yeah, I hate every one of you ****ers that much.


Because your bull**** killed hundreds of thousands of people and will likely screw millions more with the side effects which are now showing up and they’re nasty, disabling and killing those who took your jabs. The immune system damage caused by these jabs is quite-likely to be permanent.

Never to forgive. Never to forget.