Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Veins

Apparently MIDNIGHT’S WAR is a little more real than anyone, including the authors, ever suspected:

A Chinese man was kidnapped and held captive for months as a “blood slave” in Cambodia after being lured by a fake job ad, according to the South China Morning Post.

The man, identified only by his surname Li, managed to escape earlier this month with the help of a member of the gang in the city of Sihanoukville that was holding him captive. He is currently being treated in a hospital and reportedly in stable condition.

Since August 2021, the gang reportedly took 27 ounces of blood each month from the 31-year-old. The blood was believed to be sold to private buyers.

Li’s arms were badly bruised and covered with needle marks when he was admitted to the hospital last week.

Li, who had worked as a security guard in Shenzhen and Beijing, told reporters he refused to participate in the gang’s fraud scheme and after learning he was an orphan and couldn’t be used for a ransom, they opted to use him as a “blood slave.”

He said at least 7 other men were detained in the same room with him. Li said that because he has the universal blood type O negative, the gang took more blood from him than other men.

On the plus side, it would be more difficult for governments to create inflation on a blood-based currency. But that’s probably outweighed by the criminal incentives created.