Portrait of a Promethean

This socialite is the sort of individual in whose garden one would dread to dig. Note the customary link to the world of money as well as the charity circuit.

A Connecticut socialite has pleaded guilty to inappropriately filming minors as part of a mysterious plea deal in which other more serious child sex abuse charges were dropped.

Hadley Palmer, 53, is a mother-of-four, financier’s wife and the daughter of a wealthy hedge fund founder. She lives in Belle Haven, Connecticut, in a $10million home and has four kids with her estranged husband Bradley.

Palmer is a regular on the Connecticut social scene and is regularly photographed at charity events but in October last year, she was arrested on charges of felony voyeurism, felony invasion of privacy and felony causing injury to a child. More serious charges of employing a minor in an obscene performance, a Class A felony, and possession of child pornography, were on the table.

The case has only just been brought to light by matter of the plea deal – one of the only publicly available documents in the case. It was reported by The Associated Press – which has been fighting to make the story public – on Monday.

After her arrest in October, Palmer filed an application for a special probation program known as ‘accelerated rehabilitation’ which immediately sealed the file…. Legal experts tell the Associated Press – whose reporters opposed the seal – that it was a highly unusual move for her file to be sealed immediately and many say she did not even qualify for accelerated rehabilitation. They are demanding to know why she has been able to hide from public view, when other defendants have not.

This is what post-Christian societies look like. There is one law for the wicked and another for those upon whom they prey. When you see people who are not being held accountable for their confirmed crimes, and when you see their punishments are excessively light to the point of being absurd, then you can be certain that it is a member of the Promethean cult that has been exposed.