Satan’s Servant Attacks Xi

Globalist figurehead George Soros explains the difference between a society dedicated to serving Satan and a society that is dedicated to the betterment of the nation that comprises it.

Climate change will remain a paramount policy challenge for the world, but the dominant geopolitical feature of today’s world is the escalating conflict between two systems of governance that are diametrically opposed to each other. Let me therefore, define the difference as simply as I can.

In an open society, the role of the state is to protect the freedom of the individual. In a closed society the role of the individual is to serve the rulers of the state.

As the founder of the Open Society Foundations, obviously I am on the side of open societies. But the most important question now is, which system is going to prevail?

Each has strengths and weaknesses. Open societies unleash the creative and innovative energies of people, closed societies concentrate power in the hands of the one-party state. Those are the strengths. The weaknesses are more specific to local and regional conditions. For instance the relationship between the European Union and its member states is still evolving. The EU ought to protect Lithuania, which recognized Taiwan, from an unofficial blockade by China, but will it?The victory of open societies can’t be taken for granted, in a world teetering at the edge of military aggression, both in Ukraine and in Taiwan.

The Open Society is a satanic society ruled by consent-based contracts. This is what passes for freedom among the forked tongues. And the reason Soros is attacking Xi is because the Chinese leader has rejected the devil and all his pomps and promises and chosen nationalism over Babelism.