ADE Anomalies

Karl Denninger sees some troubling anomalies in the historic test-result data:

What these tables appear to show is that the jabs make you test negative but you get the disease anyway because you show up in the urgent care or emergency room with symptoms, they’re serious enough to drive you to the ER or urgent care clinic and, they claim, you actually have either Delta or Omicron but three quarters of the time the PCR test is negative.

Perhaps someone can explain to me why taking a jab that makes you test negative even though you’re ill with the disease and the MMWR claims you in fact have it in some way defines an “effective” jab?

What’s a plausible explanation for this? I can think of several — and none are good.

One of them I wrote about some time ago right here. If this turns out to be what’s going on not only does the “told ya so” flag go up the entire jab-fest industry and government knew damn well this could happen because that research paper dated from last May and they coerced and conned you into it anyway.

The lies are now being piled on top of lies used to cover previous lies, making it difficult to ascertain even what appears to be happening. That being said, one previous scenario does fit the confusing data being presented.

Let’s contemplate a possibility: The manufacturers know this and in fact knew it during Phase I and II testing; they characterized the antibodies produced and that is why they set the dose where they did; they knew that they had to wildly over-produce to get a high enough titer of the neutralizing antibodies or the shots would not work.

Now think about the game that might have been run:

1. You take the shot.

2. You get both protective (good) and non-protective (neutral) or possibly enhancing (very bad), antibodies.

3. The protective antibodies are enough to prevent you from getting seriously sick or dying. We all cheer, and all appears to be well in the world. The results look good — for a while.

4. Over time the antibody titer wanes. Now you don’t have enough neutralizing antibodies but still have some of the bad ones which, if you get infected, make it materially more-likely the infection will kill you.

It’s too soon to be certain that this is what is happening. But given the other signs of a mild ADE scenario being in play, it increasingly looks as if it is only the innocuousness of Omicron that has prevented ADE from harming the vaccinated population. But keep in mind that even with that positive development, the more dangerous scenario that is still on the table is if other non-Covid viruses are able to take advantage of the ADE channel provided by the vaxxes.