Trust Not in Government

They don’t have your best interests in mind. They aren’t trying to keep you safe. An Australian man not only claims to have lost his 7-year-old son due to his ill-advised trust in the Australian government, but can’t even tell his story on Facebook.

Im not sure how long my post will last as I’ve had it removed 4 times already, the disgusting inhumane fb fact checkers and our corrupt government will not allow my comment to stay up. Everyone, I lost my son lachlan last Wednesday to the vaccine. He was 7 yrs old. He had been unwell on Wednesday night with a fever and we monitored him closely, 6am the next morning he started having breathing difficulties so we took him to westmead hospital. They tried to stop us from going in with him but it did not work as I threatened to contact Rebel news and have a reporter here within minutes and they backed off, we were allowed in. 4 hours passed after many tests. He was sent home 5 hours later. Friday morning at 4am we heard him yell out, he was on his bedroom floor, he then collapsed, he was not breathing, my wife and i began cpr, I called the ambo on loud speaker. Ambo arrived within 7 mins, my son passed away in the ambulance. He had a massive heart attack.

My wife is now hospitalised in westmead hospital heavily sedated. I am trying to hold everything together for our 2 Yr old daughter Sammy. The government has ruined my family, they have taken away our only son, we put our trust in the government to keep us safe and they killed my boy!

Steve Leary, Facebook

This account may or may not be real. I have no idea why this guy would waste his time trying to post to Facebook rather than doing something about those who murdered his only son, although the feckless stupidity of his response does tend to lend an air of verisimilitude to the story.

But if real, the man’s foolishness in sacrificing his son to corporate profits in the name of the Australian government was programmed into him by the wicked men who control the media, as Robert Malone explains:

Remember those Johns Hopkins Pandemic war games that occurred over the span of decades? Where the outcome usually ended in a need to control the populace, by which behavioral modification techniques are used to enforce cooperation from the populace.

Right now, one can wander over to Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and see their current projects include an analysis of “anti-misinformation actions’“, which they call the Environment of Misinformation.

World leaders, governments, big media, big pharma and tech giants are busy planning out the next pandemic response. So, maybe it is time for those of us who believe there is a better way to live than to be controlled, to plan out responses to all these draconian measures. As well as to begin to develop counter measures to a bio-threat that do not use censorship, propaganda, mandates and behavioral modification techniques. You know, the old fashioned way where the government relies on people to use their own critical thinking skills to assess what is best for themselves and their families, after getting all the information available.

Behavioral Control and the End of the American Dream, Robert Malone

As a general rule, one does well to keep in mind the following axiom: the official story is always – always – false.