Partygate Confirmed

The British Prime Minister, his wife, and 38 or so of his closest political associates are confirmed to have broken the lockdown laws.

At 6pm on May 20, 2020, the spring sky was still a deep blue, with the lawn bathed in dappled sunlight. Those entering the garden were reportedly met with a buffet-style spread of crisps and sausage rolls, while the drinks table was stocked with gin and rosé as well as red and white wine.

Some revellers ‘brought their own booze’ from the claustrophobic Tesco Express store that does a roaring trade in beer, wine and sandwiches next to Westminster Tube station.

Some of the dozens of guests were said to have been looking to the sky with paranoia in case a drone flew over, while other admitted that the trashed garden after the party ended was also a giveaway.

And amid the paranoia, Downing Street staff were allegedly advised to ‘clean up’ their phones by removing information and pictures that could suggest lockdown parties were regularly held at No 10, according to The Independent. A senior member of staff told people it would be a ‘good idea’ to remove any evidence that might even imply they had attended.

However, up to 40 people are believed to have taken up Martin Reynolds’ invitation. They included the Prime Minister and his then fiancée, sources told the BBC. Carrie was said to have been drinking with her friend Mr Newman, then an adviser to Cabinet minister Mr Gove and now a senior figure at No10.

One official is said to have joked about the risk of being filmed by drones, The Times reported. There were also claims of complaints from Downing Street staff about the state of the garden afterwards.

With Britain basking in 80f (27C) sunshine – the hottest day of the year so far – our beaches and parks should have been packed. But this was May 20, 2020, and the Covid lockdown rules could not have been clearer.

Indeed, they were laid out by a Cabinet minister on live TV that very afternoon. Gripping the podium at the daily Downing Street press conference at 5pm, Oliver Dowden told the nation: ‘You can meet one person outside your household in an outdoor public place – provided that you stay two metres apart.’

These were not just the rules, they were the laws of the land.

Given the utter shamelessness of their actions, very single individual who attended should be prosecuted. And the elders of the Conservative Party should inform Boris Johnson that it is time for him to resign the office that he has disgraced so foolishly.