Partygate Sinks Boris

The British Prime Minister is at risk of being thrown out of office due to an ill-considered lockdown party:

‘WTF were they thinking?’ Tories turn on Boris as he faces police probe threat after bombshell leaked email shows his top civil servant invited 100 staff to ‘BYOB’ bash in Downing St at height of Covid lockdown in May 2020 – and PM and Carrie ‘joined in’

Downing Street staff were invited to garden party at No10 during the first lockdown, according to email. An invite from the PM’s principal private secretary Martin Reynolds told staff to bring their own drinks. He urged them to attend No10’s lavish grounds ‘to make the most of the lovely weather’ on May 20, 2020. At the time England was in the middle of the first lockdown, with social gatherings banned, even outside. Boris Johnson has dodged saying if he attended the event in the Downing Street garden along with Carrie.

One rule for thee, another for me. Not a good look. Of course, Boris well deserves to get thrown out on his ample posterior for pushing the killshots on the British people, but this is a particularly stupid way to go.

UPDATE: He’s a goner. Good riddance. He should have leaned into Brexit rather than Globohomo.

TWO-THIRDS of Brits say ‘serial liar’ Boris should QUIT over ‘Partygate’: PM ducks highly-charged Commons showdown with bereaved MPs and top Tories turn on him over Downing St ‘BYOB’ bash during May 2020 lockdown that ‘he attended’