The Vaxx Nazis Back Down

Germany “delays” its vaccine mandate:

Germany’s plans to impose nationwide compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 likely won’t come to fruition any time soon, not due to lack of will but because of bureaucratic hurdles, media reports suggest.

In November, then-designated chancellor Olaf Scholz told Germany’s ZDF broadcaster that he expected a nationwide vaccination mandate to be introduced by February or March. Now, however, the regulation might not be in force until May or even June, the Tagesspiegel daily reported.

The delay is not a sign that Scholz’s government is any less determined to see Germans vaccinated but is merely due to a series of bureaucratic hurdles, the paper said.

These vaccine mandates are not going to be imposed or enforced. Mostly, I suspect, because the politicians want to live. They push-push-pushed to discover where the hard red lines were drawn, and they have ascertained that there are hundreds of millions of people who will quite literally kill anyone who tries to forcibly vaccinate them. And they are right to take that position, as both bodily integrity and self-defense are basic human rights that any self-respecting human being will defend at any cost.

I think the people of Europe have shown remarkable restraint to date in not turning on their idiot leaders. But it’s not early 2020 anymore and now everyone with even half-a-brain recognizes that the vaxxes are unsafe, ineffective, and unnecessary.