The Canadian Pedocracy

It isn’t only the USA and UK that feature an improbable number of pedocrats in positions of influence and power. The known and confirmed pedos in the Canadian ruling class are directly connected to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, including his best friend and college roommate.

In 2016, after Amy MacPherson was forced out of her job at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for making unsubstantiated claims and inferences in her reporting, she became a director of the Simcoe-Grey Federal Liberal Riding Association — where she claims to have encountered predatorial sexual exploitation of children by a Liberal Party of Canada official and political colleague. MacPherson insists her experience is indicative of much more systemic problems inside the Liberal Party, and she details a stunning cover-up by party officials.

MacPherson is the cousin of Sophie Trudeau, the Prime Minister’s wife. A self-described ‘political animal’, MacPherson has been active in covering politics as a reporter and as an activist at the local level. She is open about her own experiences of sexual violence and of growing up as a Crown ward, which she explains has instilled in her a moral compass on child advocacy issues.

Despite providing evidence about the child exploitation to several party officials, she claims that her warnings were entirely ignored. On her blog, Free the Press Canada, she lamented that the information she provided to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to the Barrie Police Service, and to the Ontario Provincial Police had not been acted on….

In another blog post, dated February 19, 2018, MacPherson alleges media bias on the part of CTV News. She claims to have approached CTV to amend and expand its story about Nolan abusing his access to patient data at the Alliston hospital to lure children and distribute child pornography. A special police task force was established to investigate. By July, Nolan had pled guilty to child luring. That December he was sentenced to 18-months in prison and two-years probation.

Nolan had no experience in healthcare before taking a senior position at the hospital — a position that reported to the board of directors. He wasn’t known to the local riding association before taking an executive position with the SGFLRA, either. But Nolan was close to the Liberal Party’s candidate in the Simcoe riding, and that candidate sat on the hospital’s board of directors. Nolan, at age 35, seemed to become a ‘big-wig’ overnight, and all of a sudden the Liberal riding association and the Alliston hospital were being run by the same three people.

The police claim that they weren’t aware that Nolan had access to more sensitive information about a much greater number of children through the party.

Isn’t it remarkable how many influential individuals in the US, the UK, and Canada just happen to be directly and personally connected to convicted pedophiles? Most of you went to college at one point or another, so contemplate this question: how many of your college roommates have been convicted of running international pedophile rings?

I know none of mine were ever involved in anything like that. So really, what are the odds?