Austrian Inversion

There is no ADE! There is no VEI! In fact, scientists say that being twice-vaccinated and infected is the best protection against the common cold! And papercuts!

People who are unjabbed but previously had the Delta Covid variant may have very little protection against Omicron infection, a lab study suggests.

Austrian scientists tested the blood of those who had beat the older strain of the virus against the new super-variant to measure their antibody response.

They found only one out of seven samples produced enough of the infection-fighting proteins to neutralise Omicron.

It suggests that prior infection from Delta alone offers virtually no protection against catching Omicron — but the jury’s still out on severe illness.

Antibody studies look at one very specific part of the immune response to Covid and do not take into account T cell and B cell immunity, which are vital for protection against severe disease but more difficult to measure.

Most scientists believe people who have had Covid still enjoy some protection against serious outcomes, but immunity is known to wane significantly after six months.

The latest study, by the Medical University of Innsbruck, found that if Delta survivors go on to get a vaccine they become ‘super-immune’, even against infection.

British experts reacting to the study said it highlighted the importance of getting a booster jab. The findings appear at odds with the low severity of cases in South Africa, which first alerted the world to Omicron.

South Africa’s epidemic already seems to have peaked with just 370 daily hospital admissions on average despite only a quarter of the population being vaccinated.

We’re WAY beyond incompetence at this point. We’re past the point of simple lies now too. The Fake Science we’re supposed to trust is now literally inverting observable reality. What this “super-immunity” of post-infection vaccine actually does is strip the body of the immunity conveyed by the natural antibodies, as the vaccines have been observed the body’s ability to build “N” protein recognition – while generally weakening the immune system overall.