Mailvox: Blue Cross Doubles Down

The SJWs at Blue Cross Blue Shield are still attempting to coerce their employees into submitting to the vaccine regime despite every legal ruling going against the vaccine mandates to date:

I’ve attached an internal email I received from the president/CEO of Blue Cross, stating they are still requiring employees to get the clot shot regardless of the mandate being halted. He states in the last paragraph the vaccines are “safe, effective, and FDA-approved.” I don’t know if this deceit is from sheer ignorance or pure malevolence. In the end, it doesn’t matter, the threat is still the same. To tell people the shots are FDA approved, knowing full well they are not, and to threaten them over it, has me enraged.

They denied a religious exemption. When I inquired about it, I received a form letter saying I didn’t match their criteria and there are no appeals. They ignored follow-up emails. I tried filing a complaint with EEOC, but they need an inquiry review first, and the earliest date was in Feb., a month after the termination date. I’ve tried filling an inquiry with the California chapter of Children’s Health Defense and have gotten no response.

The only thing I can think to do is attempt to shine a light on this evil. Maybe it can inspire others to stand up, and push back, file civil lawsuits against the man since he’s the one responsible for violating federal law.

From the desk of President and CEO Daniel J. Loepp

BCBSM will move ahead with our vaccination requirements

As you may have read in the news, a Federal District Court judge in Georgia has issued a nationwide injunction requiring the federal government to stop all actions to enforce the federal contractor vaccine mandate. This ruling is a step in a legal process that undoubtedly will continue to play out in the federal courts over coming weeks and months.

The ruling, regardless of its effect on federal enforcement efforts, will not affect BCBSM and our subsidiaries from moving forward to implement our previously announced policy requiring employees to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4.

BCBSM has a legal right, as an employer, to issue policies protecting the health and safety of our workforce, including requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. As such, we are within our legal authority to continue with enforcement of our policy over the coming weeks.

As our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. James Grant, and I have stated many times before, the safe, effective, and FDA-approved vaccines available to us now are the single best way for us, our colleagues, families, and communities to defeat COVID-19 and return BCBSM and our enterprise companies to a normal state of business operations. As a health care organization – committed to enriching, extending, and saving lives – we believe promoting vaccinations that have proven to save lives is the right course to take.

Daniel J. Loepp

President and CEO

This information is for internal use only, as it can contain proprietary or confidential information. It is not to be shared outside the company.

Given that it’s California, it’s going to be very, very difficult to do anything preemptively. Fortunately, the courts in California tend to be strongly anti-corporate. The best strategy at this point is to simply wait to get fired, and then seek recourse. Never forget that the enemy always gets a vote and that trying to prevent a wrongful action can be more difficult than exacting legal retribution for one.

Note that California-based Google is also firing all of its unvaccinated employees.

But remember, it’s very hard to get a court or a legal authority or even a policeman to address a situation before it actually happens. Yes, the perpetrators-to-be may have SAID they’re going to do something, but they haven’t actually done it yet. So there isn’t any serious justification for any legal action yet, because sparing people the emotional and psychological strain of experiencing the wrongful action is just not a concern to anyone on either side of the legal process.