Omicron is ADE

It appears the door just opened to one of the nightmare scenarios, Antibody Dependent Enhancement:

Vaccinated people are now stuck with this mediocre immune response, that’s intended for a variant that no longer exists. This really looks like the scenario where you’re worse off being vaccinated than you are if you’re unvaccinated. And if this is somehow not yet the big one, the one that uses everyone’s highly identical immune response against the Wuhan version of the spike protein to its own advantage, then you can rest assured that when it grows dominant, it will be giving birth to descendants that will do the trick.

Let me grab an old study from Japanese scientists, who tried to answer the question: Under what circumstances do we see antibody dependent enhancement? That is, a situation in which the virus uses your overall vaccine induced antibody response to its own advantage, leaving you worse off than if you had never been vaccinated in the first place. They determined it’s pretty easy: You take Delta and you add these four mutations:

K417N, N439K, E484K and N501Y.

If you throw those four mutations into Delta, you have a version that uses your vaccine induced antibody response to its own advantage.

Does that ring a bell?

So let’s see:

-K417N: Bingo!

-N439K: No, but we have N440K which is a neighboring mutation and should perform the same trick of interfering with the antibodies.

-E484K: We have E484A, which means you have a mutation at the same spot, but resulting in a different amino acid, Alanine instead of Lysine.

-N501Y: Bingo!

In other words, its mutations look pretty much identical to what the Japanese scientists were warning would allow Delta to use your vaccine induced antibody response to its own advantage.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone who is vaccinated is doomed. Remember, the virus isn’t much more harmful than regular influenza; only 3 percent of the Italians who died WITH Covid actually died OF Covid. But it does mean that all of the lockdowns and vaccines and mandates are as useless as the vaccination skeptics have been telling everyone from the start. Everyone would have been better off relying upon their natural and cross-immunities, fortified by the appropriate vitamin stacks and treatment protocols.

In contrast to vaccine-induced immunity, no increased risk for reinfection with Beta, Gamma or Delta variants relative to Alpha variant was found in individuals with infection-induced immunity.

And despite what the media is going to tell you, more boosters are not the answer. They’ll only further weaken people’s immune systems as well as possibly exacerbating the antibody dependent enhancement.

UPDATE: Right on schedule, from the UK:

All adults are to be offered a coronavirus booster jab to help stop the Omicron variant.