Black Friday Books

In honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, indie and small press authors have banded together to offer a sample of their best work and related stories at discount prices. Everyone of the more than one hundred fifty novels in the sale is either $0.99 or free. The sale is live at the blog of one of the participating authors and runs through Tuesday, November 30.

Relying on themselves and a handful of friendly blogs and media outlets, the authors are achieving a reach previously possible only to trad-pub insiders. A week-long sale with a hundred titles in September aligned with the debut of the BasedCon science fiction convention. That sale moved 7000 copies, equally divided between free and paid $0.99 copies, according to sale organizer, Hans G. Schantz, a scientist, inventor, and author of the Hidden Truth trilogy. Top sellers moved over a hundred copies each and shot up the Amazon sales charts generating even more sales.

“This week’s sale is half-again larger, with about seventy favorite books from previous sales, fifty new additions, and another thirty offerings from Terror House Press,” Schantz explained.