He Was Always Sketchy

You’ll note that you never saw me paying much attention to Lin Woods. It appears he was a left-wing, grifting monkeywrencher all along:

Kyle Rittenhouse tells Tucker Carlson that Lin Wood and John Pierce could have bailed him out of jail in September but kept him in there until November to “raise money so they can take it for their own benefit. Not trying to set me free.” He says once they got the money up to get him out, they told him he would be safer in jail, had him do media interviews which were bad for him, and left him there while they continued to fundraise even more off it all. So any reader of Vox Day would have known not to do media interviews, but Lin Wood didn’t?

Lin Wood has for decades voted for and donated to Democrats, including Barack Obama and David Perdue’s 2014 opponent.

I am always very leery of anyone who rushes to get in front of the cameras, no matter what their beliefs are supposed to be or what reasons they profess. A cam whore is a cam whore, regardless of nominal industry.

Also, what part of “do not talk to the media” is hard to understand? And yes, this includes Tucker Carlson and Fox News.