Inversion is Not Cohesion

Go ahead, attack the source if you like. But you cannot escape or circumnavigate the fact that a) these inversive creatures are literally textbook evil by every Christian definition, and, b) they are committed to child abuse.

Hungarian Jews protest law against sharing content on homosexuality with minors. Largest federation of Jewish communities in country criticizes ‘gay propaganda law,’ saying no one should be discriminated against or outlawed because of their identity.

“The Mazsihisz, as a Jewish group, firmly believes that all people are inherently pure and their emotions do not make them unclean,” the statement read. “No one should be labeled impure, be discriminated against and certainly not outlawed simply because of their orientation or identity. Such classifications destroy social cohesion and our sense of belonging.”

Apparently we’re supposed to believe that the only legitimate reason to discriminate against people anymore is their vaccination status….

Anyhow, if one believes “all people are inherently pure”, then one is obviously and totally incompatible with people who believe that everyone is sinful and fallen short of the glory of God. Furthermore, inversives don’t belong in any Christian society, so any appeal to a “sense of belonging” is not only irrelevant, it is misplaced.