Not At This Rate

A logical citation of the massive statistical evidence demonstrating the extreme danger presented by the Covid vaccines:

You’ll see people say that “these events happen all the time.” True, they do. For example, this death of Piermario Morosini that happened in 2012.

But they don’t happen at this rate. No way. That’s the thing nobody can explain. The vaccine advocates find this super-irritating. They have no rational excuse on this. They can’t use ad hominem attacks. They can’t use goofball hand waving arguments. Nothing.

All of these cases have been properly reported and are documented. No mentions (except one case) of vaccinations since the press doesn’t want to create vaccine hesitancy. But the numbers speak for themselves.

It shows that there have been more “events” over a recent 4-month period than in over 20 years, which is more than a 60-fold increase in event rate.

All of these are in full public view so there is no “reporting bias” involved. And the numbers are big enough that nobody can say “oh, that’s just statistical noise.” Not a chance.

We have a very clear mechanism of action and we have overwhelming confirmation from the VAERS data that these vaccines are super dangerous and cause cardiovascular and neurological severe adverse events at a very high rate. Nothing else can compare to the vaccines when we talk about heart damage. So if you believe these events really did happen (they are in plain sight after all), then you must ascribe them to the vaccine since there is nothing else all these people have in common that could causes such an extreme elevation of events.

Midwits love to say “correlation is not causation” because they think it makes them sound smart. But correlation is the first indication of causation. And a 6,428 percent increase in something after a specific input is a very, very, very strong indicator of a causal connection, especially in the absence of any other rational explanation for the increase. It isn’t conclusive proof, but it is very highly reliable evidence that the conclusive proof will be there when the matter is scrutinized.

It is also evidence that the truth is in the process of breaking through the media barrier to the public. This is why the parties responsible are desperate to start a war, any war, with pretty much anyone willing to fight the militaries under their influence, in order to change the subject.