When “Refugees” Become “Invaders”

It’s fascinating to see how one million “Syrians” invading Europe are “refugees” and 1.7 million “Mexicans” invading the USA are “immigrants”, but a few thousand Middle Easterners trying to enter the EU through the Belarussian-Polish border are “invaders” who justify 15,000 troops being sent to stop them.

There are now thousands of desperate people camped out along the Polish border, with the EU saying they were lured to Belarus on false promises of passage to Europe then marched to the border and forced to make illegal crossings.

Poland said more than 250 people attempted the crossing between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, with dozens making it. Around 50 were found and arrested near the town of Białowieża early today, with more being sought.

‘It was not a calm night. Indeed, there were many attempts to breach the Polish border,’ Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told broadcaster PR1.

Polish private radio RMF said around 200 people had tried to breach the border on Tuesday afternoon, and a second group of around 60 had tried after midnight.

Blaszczak said all those who tried to cross were detained, and that the force of Polish soldiers stationed at the border had been strengthened to 15,000 from 12,000.

Three EU diplomats told Reuters on late on Tuesday that the bloc was close imposing more sanctions on Belarus over the escalating crisis, targeting around 30 individuals and entities including the Belarusian foreign minister.

Since Belarus is formally tied to Russia and Poland is a junior member of the European Union that is a neocon lapdog answering to Biden administration official Victoria Nuland, it’s fairly obvious that this situation, like the Ukrainian situation, is being used as yet another attempt to justify a neocon revenge war with Russia.

After all, they’ve got to use the US military while they still have sufficient influence over it.

Whatever happened to all that “poor huddled masses” rhetoric?

The lesson, as always, is this: Migration is War.