The All-Seeing Eyes

AC watches the watchers:

Even the best surveillance, caught off guard like this and adapting on the fly, will look confused about what they are doing. This guy really doesn’t have much to say, he doesn’t seem to have a place he is going, or some mission he is trying to accomplish. He doesn’t want to go, but he is hesitant to engage. Really good surveillance at this point will transition to a gambit, maybe asking for money as if they are a beggar. They will actively try to control your focus, maybe even repel you, so you leave, thinking it is you who is determining what is happening.

I ran into this sort of thing today, as it happens. The situation was actually rather amusing, as the overweight, well-dressed young man who looked like a typical college student couldn’t come up with anything better on the spot than to ask me if I had any money that might permit him to obtain a meal. It required a certain amount of self-restraint to not respond by asking him if it would not be beneficial if he were to skip a few of them.

The thing is, it should not distress any Christian in the slightest to know that we are often under surveillance both digital and physical. Do not fear the evil eyes of Man, rather fear the all-seeing eyes of the Almighty God. Even the virtuous pagans understood this.

God hath placed by the side of each a man’s own Guardian Spirit, who is charged to watch over him—a Guardian who sleeps not nor is deceived…. So when you have shut the doors and made a darkness within, remember never to say that you are alone; for you are not alone, but God is within, and your Guardian Spirit, and what light do they need to behold what you do?