We Weren’t the Problem

There is really no reason to feel any sympathy for some of the vaccinated individuals who are dropping dead or their families. It’s one thing to be deceived, it’s another thing altogether to go out of your way to needlessly castigate those who were not so easily fooled.

It is with indescribable shock, sorrow, and regret that the family announces the untimely death of Wade Baird. He is survived by his wife of 21 years Chantal and his children Nathan and Kaitlyn.

Wade had strong political opinions and would unapologetically share them with everyone. Saucy, humorous, and sarcastic banter with colleagues and close friends were a staple of his repertoire. He usually got the last barb in and it was, inevitably, a very good jab.

All invited attendees will require to show valid ID and proof of vaccination or a negative Covid -19 test within 72 hours of the service.

Karma is a real bitch. As a general rule, one does well not to tempt her.

UPDATE: Karma respects neither Jew nor Gentile.