Fake President, Alleged Abuse

The FBI’s efforts in attempting to discover the leak of Ashley Biden’s diary strongly suggests its legitimacy despite its insinuations of child abuse by the alleged “President of the United States”:

While O’Keefe’s organization – a conservative-leaning muckraking outfit – had refused to publish the diary, they did claim to know where it was located and even alleged to have an audio recording of Biden herself admitting it was hers. In his video on Friday, O’Keefe said that the group was approached by tipsters who stayed “temporarily” in the same hotel room as Biden’s daughter, claiming that she “abandoned” the diary.

O’Keefe said that PV had turned the diary over to law enforcement after first reaching out to Ashley Biden’s attorney, who “refused to authenticate it.” O’Keefe said that he contacted the Department of Justice on his own volition and “conveyed unassailable facts that demonstrate[d] Project Veritas’ lack of involvement in criminal activity and/or criminal intent.” The group said it opted not to publish the diary because it couldn’t verify its contents or whether it truly belonged to Ashley Biden.

Despite initially adhering to the agency’s wishes – according to O’Keefe, at least – the FBI visits were followed up shortly by a call from a Times reporter demanding comment on the legal process. The FBI declined to confirm the raids, telling the Times that they “performed law enforcement activity related to an ongoing investigation” at two addresses without elaboration.

While Ashley Biden’s diary is bristling with potential bombshells – including repeated discussion of drug use, marital failure, multiple affairs and her issues with her father, whom she claimed to have showered with in situations that were “probably not appropriate” – the document was largely ignored by other conservative outlets and mainstream media. The diary also suggested that the younger Biden was sexually molested as a child.

Given Hunter Biden’s obvious psychological issues, it wouldn’t be even remotely surprising to learn he was sexually abused too.

Think it’s unlikely for a major politician to be a pedophile? The statistical odds are much higher than you might think:

AUSTRALIA: The List of the 28 Pedophile Politicians Has Been Released

The reason Australia’s pedo-protecting government gave on why they couldn’t release the results of the pedophile investigation was because they said it would cause people to lose faith in the system. Too late, faith is already lost. So Patriots released the list, and it is Patriots that’ll be administering justice.