Adjust Your Expectations

Bruce Charlton explains that failure is the objective, negative consequences are desired, and the end result is destruction:

We are all finding it difficult to get to grips with this new post-global totalitarian world administered (ultimately) by demonic powers (and their mindless human hosts, servants and slaves); because it operates on the basis of an inverted value system which is not a natural way for us humans to think.

The difference is that (unlike Men) demonic powers are motivated by the desire to destroy whatever is Good, whatever is God’s creation.

For example, the birdemic-response, including the mandatory peck program, has led to major sectors of the economy, of national functioning, of essential provisions, being in increased danger of being rendered useless or even destroyed.

This makes the nations weak, impoverished, increasingly chaotic. This is negative feedback, indicating that what is being done is doing harm – and that we need to stop doing it.

Normally, negative feedback would lead national rulers to stop doing it. But these times are not normal.

When the global rulership is under demonic control, such negative consequences are regarded as A Good Thing. Since the demonic powers desire to destroy God’s creation and every-thing Good – they are delighted by evidence of increasing national weakness, and by the increased sufferings and death of human beings.

For demons; what we humans regard as Negatives are, in fact, The Plan.

This is why conservatism, which in normal circumstances is merely unsuccessful, is completely unable to comprehend what is happening right in front of conservative eyes. All their finger-wagging, all of their warnings about dire consequences, are entirely useless, because they fail to understand the significance of what it means for the servants of Satan to call good evil and call evil good.

The Death Seekers don’t fear death, they seek it. And they most certainly don’t fear yours! There can be no accommodation with them. There will be no accommodation with them.

They can, they must, and they will be defeated. But they will not be defeated by conservatives. They will not be defeated by secularists. They will only be defeated by Jesus Christ and those who serve him.