Thursday Arktoons

ALT★HERO: Q Episode 27: The One That Got Away

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: MYSTERY Halloween 5: The Phantom Hitchhiker


A THRONE OF BONES Episode 21: To Heaven or Hell

STONETOSS Episode 30: Sausagefest


On a related subject, the Tree of Woe contemplates the spoliation of the heroes of the 20th century and observes that there are three alternatives. You know what we’ve chosen.

You have three choices. First, you can seek to enjoy the best of what is offered by the new, while ignoring the parts that offend you. You need not worship Ra to be impressed by the majesty of Great Pyramid; you need not embrace progressivism to enjoy The Boys. Even if you want to eschew Hollywood, a tremendous amount of foreign content is now available, which can offer escape from America’s culture war while still entertaining.

Second, you can find solace in the great works of the past. We are blessed (for now, at least) to have access to everything that has come before. Never has it been so easy to find a book, a comic, a game, a movie, or a show from any prior period. Have you read everything by Jack Vance? R.E. Howard? Jack Kirby? Have you watched the greatest movies of the 20th century? You’re missing out.

Third, you can create and/or consume new works made with the values of old. My own upcoming graphic novel, Ascendant: Star-Spangled Squadron, embraces truth, justice, and the American Way wholeheartedly and I will unabashedly recommend it to all of you when it’s ready. If you like comics in general, the Arkhaven platform offers an incredible selection by the likes of the legendary Chuck Dixon and Joe Bennett.

The Spoliation of Pop Culture, Contemplations on the Tree of Woe