Kill ‘Em Off Quicker

The UK speeds up the boosting timeframe:

Ministers are ripping up the booking system for Covid booster jabs amid growing fears the faltering vaccination programme risks triggering a winter spike – and another dreaded lockdown.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has ordered NHS chiefs to allow over-50s to book their third jab a month earlier than at present in a bid to turbocharge the sluggish rollout of boosters to combat Covid.

People are eligible for the booster six months after their second jab. But as it stands, patients cannot even start the booking process until that date, and then must wait an average of 18 days to get their appointment.

The delay is believed to be a key reason why only around 4.5 million out of the 9.3 million eligible people in England have so far received the third dose.

The new plan, which Government sources say will be put into effect as soon as possible, will allow people to book in advance so they can get it as soon as the first day they are eligible.

I wonder what they’re going to do once it becomes sufficiently obvious to all and sundry that it is now the vaccines and boosters that are the vulnerability.