COVID and Climate Change

A three-way conversation between Daniel Sanderson, Steve Keen and me, in which we somehow manage to avoid discussing either COVID or climate change.

DS: That’s a project that we’re releasing in January and I wanted to include in that academy, a course from Steve as well on economics.

VD: That’s going to be intriguing because Steve is not generally what one would consider to be Econ 101 material.

DS: No, it’s not, but we’ve talked a little bit about the show and I think the best thing is to try and summarize what he’s saying and then build off of that. That’s kind of the idea and the course just takes shape.

VD: I can write that for you in five minutes. In 30 seconds, I can summarize everything you need to know about Steve Keen’s work in economics.

DS: Okay here we go! Yeah, here we go.

VD: It’s very simple. Everything you’ve ever read is wrong.

To be clear, I still don’t do interviews. But I absolutely will make the occasional exception on behalf of requests from Castalia and Arkhaven authors, particularly if the Castalia/Arkhaven author happens to be the greatest living economist.