Saturday Arktoons

SEASONS Episode 23: Unfolding

CLASSIC GARRISON Episode 16: Voting Prison

QUANTUM MORTIS Episode 19: Criminal Conviction

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: COMEDY Episode 23: Miss Pepper 4: A Grave Mistake


In other Arkhaven news, we managed to work a schedule out with the SWAN KNIGHT SAGA illustrator, so the hiatus for that series should not be as long as we initially thought. He’s already drawing Issue 04 and he does a pretty good imitation of Richard Bonk’s style.

And in other comics industry news, this reported DC Comics ban on independent artists who dare to work with Comicsgate should serve Arkhaven rather well going forward. We’re very pleased with how our collaboration with Joe Bennett is going – the man is a machine – and we anticipate working with more talented ex-DC and ex-Marvel artists in the future. We have no doubt whatsoever that those ranks will be growing in the future as the Big Two gradually diminish in sales, size, and influence.

According to a new rumor, DC Comics is reportedly threatening any freelancer who is caught partnering with Comicsgate – in any capacity – with a lifetime ban from working for the publisher.

Word of DC’s supposed new anti-Comicsgate policy was first made public by Shelley Lopresti, the wife of veteran comic book artist Aaron Lopresti, who himself recently made a turn towards Comicsgate after an appearance on Ethan Van Sciver’s livestream made in promotion of the crowdfunding campaign for his original series Wraith of God earned him a deluge of condemnation from contemporary comic book professionals and audiences.

On October 14th Shelley took to her personal Twitter account to reveal, “As if we needed another reason to boycott DC Comics…..they are now threatening their freelancers that if they do any work for anyone associated with Comicsgate that they will never work for DC again.”