Wednesday Arktoons

ALT★HERO Episode 25: By Any Means Necessary

SAVAGE MEMES Episode 29: Aliens

SHOTGUN SAMURAI Episode 1: The Shotgun Samurai

SOMETHING BIG Episode 14: Into the Gork Lair

THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM Episode 26: Drone Strike

One day after enjoying a new traffic record Tuesday on Arktoons, Arkhaven Comics is very pleased to introduce the second true independent comic to make its Arktoons debut, SHOTGUN SAMURAI by Donkey Madness. Independent comics who are interested in joining the Arktoons platform should email submissions-at-arkhaven-dot-com in order to receive instructions on how to create a series, upload the episode images, and manage the metadata, which can now be done without assistance from the Arktoons production team.

Bounding Into Comics has put out a rather comprehensive article on the five new Arktoons series that have launched this week.

My Sister Suprema is a new, original title from Chuck Dixon and artist Anthony Gonzales-Clark. The comic’s official description states, “Randy wants nothing more in life than to be a superhero. But when his scientific experiments intended to turn himself into a costumed crusader accidentally transform his sister into one instead, he finds that he has somehow become a sidekick.”

Dixon provided more details in a YouTube video.

He explained, “It’s very much a superhero parody. It’s a sibling rivalry comedy. Thanks to Anthony’s terrific manga influence art, he really puts this over top. It’s a fast-paced, family friendly, funny story about a kid who loves comic books. But what he really wants to do is just not read about superheroes, he wants to be one. And he finds a mysterious website that gives him the formulation to turn himself into a superhero.’ He added, “Unfortunately, things don’t go the way he plans, and his sister, his big sister, Cecilia, is the one who ends up with super powers.”

5 New Titles Arrive On Arktoons Including A Brand New Series From Chuck Dixon, Bounding Into Comics

A LOT more new content is coming this autumn, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, I hope you’ll support the platform by doing so.