Mailvox: Lockdown II Staff Shortage

An Italian explains that the vaxx restrictions are having a serious effect on Italy’s production capabilities despite the population’s general willingness to ignore the rules:

So I live to the North of Italy and went down Monday night to visit a factory to do some work with them. The hotel was in a small village and didn´t care about the Covid restrictions and told me to remove my mask when I went in. Due to this I ate an expensive meal at their restaurant even though I wasn´t hungry.

Get to the factory. Show my test etc. Temperature test etc… annoying but no big deal. Then we speak to the manager. On the 15th of October it will be law that you need to have the Vaxx or get tested by a doctor twice a week or you need to go on leave without pay. This factory, like most in Europe now is completely sold out until May next year and did not even stop production over summer. But, over 30% of the staff are unvaccinated and apparently refuse to get one.

They are literally going to be f—– unless they break the law and risk gigantic fines, or hire a doctor to “coof” test the 30% two days a week.

Something is going to give. And it’s not going to be the unvaccinated. We know of an entire hospital ward in our area that has shut down due to an inability to find enough vaccinated health care workers.