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Meanwhile, there is big news developing in the comics industry, as The Legend Chuck Dixon has gone public with charges that DC Comics has not paid royalties owed to various creators for over ten years. Coming on top of the Marvel lawsuits as it is, it’s becoming clear that the Big Two are in increasing disarray.

In a recent Facebook post, Dixon divulged that DC has not paid international royalties for the overseas reprints of their work in other languages since at least 2009, which was well over a decade ago and before the launch of The New 52.

“Seriously, DC Comics stopped paying freelancers any international royalties in 2009,” Dixon shockingly revealed, adding he and others never received any notice and the DC office acted like it was no big deal. “They never sent out any of their patented ‘friendly’ letters to inform us. They just stopped paying and hoped no one would notice.”

What’s worse than the dishonesty and callous inattention DC showed, Dixon continued, is that the withholding of royalties really hits writers, artists, and industry pros with a lot of noteworthy titles to their name in their wallets, especially when the foreign publishing market continues an upward trajectory.

“Given the fact that foreign publishing (particularly in Europe) is more robust than ever, writers, artists and others are being cheated out of thousands of dollars annually,” he said.