They’re Not on Our Side

Anon explains that cuckservatives, the Republican Party, and Conservative Inc. are actively hostile to America and the Right:

Did you ever notice how it’s always us leading the fight and it’s always the vast majority of elected and appointed Republicans in the rearguard, robbing the baggage train, or in full retreat? But whenever we are about to score a victory against the Regime, they charge over us and stand athwart our crumpled bodies, shouting “STOP! PUT THAT SPEAR DOWN! THAT IS NOT WHO WE ARE!”

Well, when they say, “That is not who we are,” they are telling the truth – defeating the left isn’t who they are. When it comes to Republicans and us, there is no “we” because they aren’t on our side.

The Republican party’s mission is to maximally restrain us and let the left beat and stab us until we agree not to vote for Trump again.

They are a group not of bandits, but confidence artists and conmen. They don’t do direct violence, they trick other people into doing it for them. As long as we keep them in power, sitting pretty with pensions, health care, and insider trading opportunities – and $5 million a year job with Wall Street or a defense contractor afterwards – they’ll do the bare minimum to keep the Democrats from destroying our lives with insane policies. Not enough that we can ever escape needing the Republican party, though – can’t have the milk cows escaping the pasture! – but just enough that we can create more value for them to harvest

The Democrats want to torture the milk cow to death because “they identify as milk cows and we are othering them and denying them their lived experiences” – really they just want to rape it, eat it’s children, and sell the milk cow to China, where it’s teats will be sliced off and a spigot installed in it’s gall bladder.

The Republicans understand that they must keep the milk cow thinking that they love it, so instead of beating it themselves they let the Democrats beat it. They just want to maximize milk and calf production, eat like kings, and then send ole Betsy to the glue factory once she’s no longer good for anything else.

We are the milk cow.

I particularly appreciate his perspective on the demonic aspect of corporations. Think about that specific term a little, and how corporations are created before you dismiss the concept out of hand.