UK Emancipates Teenagers

Parents in the UK no longer have the ability to refuse to vaccinate their children over the age of 12:

Chris Whitty today endorsed plans to vaccinate healthy 12 to 15-year-olds against Covid, with millions of children due to start getting their jabs from next week. England’s Chief Medical Officer and his counterparts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland said a secondary school rollout will help prevent further disruptions to education this winter. Under-16s will initially only be offered a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine, shown to be up to 55 per cent effective at preventing infection from the Delta variant. A decision on second doses is still to be determined, when more data is available internationally. Officials will weigh up the risk of heart complications after vaccination, which are slightly more common after the second shot. Doses will be largely administered through the school vaccination programme, and it’s believed parental consent will be sought – but children will be able to overrule their parents in the case of a conflict.

It’s astonishing to observe that the British fought the Scots and the Irish and the Indians just to rule over them, fought the Spanish on behalf of the Spaniards, fought the French on behalf of continental Europe, fought the Germans on behalf of the French and the Poles, but they won’t lift a single finger to defend their own children from the evil vampires of their medical community.

Also note that this is an effective lowering of the age of consent to 12. After all, if you’re old enough to make important medical decisions for yourself, you’re old enough to make decisions about other activities concerning your body.

They have been reduced to a subjugated and demoralized people, reduced to such a state that their current “national” hero is a half-Chinese, half-Romanian girl born in Canada. Hitler, Napoleon, and King Philip II of Spain must be laughing themselves sick in Hell.