Hey, Distinctions Don’t Matter

A woman who decided racial distinctions don’t matter mourns her daughters’ deciding that sexual distinctions don’t matter either:

Carrie Grant has revealed she is the ‘only female left in the family’ after all three of her children who were born as females came out as non-binary or trans.

The London-based broadcaster, 56, has four children with husband David Grant – three of whom do not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth.

The Fame Academy coach is supportive of her children, saying she took time to ‘grieve’ after discovering that she ‘doesn’t have daughters anymore’ before ‘moving on’.

The very Bible verse that is abused in order to eliminate material racial and ethnic distinctions can be just as easily abused to eliminate sexual differences. This inevitable slippery slope is why the truth must be defended at all costs, regardless of how many feelings are hurt and how contrary to the current zeitgeist it might be.

Because as evil as today’s zeitgeist is, there is a pretty good chance tomorrow’s will be even worse.

The conservative who “doesn’t see color” today is the harbinger of the conservative who “doesn’t see sex” tomorrow. No doubt the next wave of conservatives will smugly proclaim that they “don’t see age”.