Mailvox: Vaccine or Get Out

I can’t confirm the accuracy of this, but I received an email that contained the following information:

Cadets at USAFA will be forced to receive the covid vaccine Monday morning (8/30) or be dismissed from the Academy.

If it’s legitimate, I assume that similar steps are being taken at West Point and the Naval Academy. We already know of one former midshipman who recently left Annapolis due to the constant pressure to get vaccinated, so whether this particular assertion is accurate or not, the campaign to indoctrinate and vaccinate the officers of tomorrow is real.

We can’t know how many cadets will elect to abandon their careers, but we can be certain that this will be an absolute disaster for US military capabilities. It should be kept in mind, however, that this isn’t necessarily the awful thing many people would have thought it was before the US government declared patriots and white people to be among its most pressing threats.