Boost, Baby, Boost

Israel appears to be deeply committed to vaxxocausting its citizens:

Israeli authorities announced Sunday a third coronavirus jab will be offered to anyone aged 12 and up, with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett declaring that all citizens must receive a third jab to be fully vaccinated.

‘We have to complete third doses for all of our citizens. I call on those aged 12 and up to go out and immediately take the third shot,’ he said in a statement.

The announcement came following the success of the country’s booster jab campaign which launched one month ago among seniors.

Bennett said a third jab slowed a rise in severe illness caused by the Delta variant among the elderly, prompting the decision to make a third jab available for the wider population.

‘The third dose of the vaccine works,’ he said, declaring that ‘the increase in severe morbidity has begun to slow’ following the booster campaign.

If you ain’t BOOSTED, you ain’t VAXXED!

Don’t hesitate to remind of all those no-longer-fully-vaccinated two-vaxxers that as of Wednesday, they are now as officially UNVAXXED as you are.

I’ll bet four shots will be required to be “fully vaccinated” by January.

UPDATE: It just gets better. Covid passports will be revoked for those who don’t get their third shot. They’re not just demanding compliance, they’re demanding complete and ongoing submission.