The Science Lied

The medical authorities can easily hide the cause of death, but it’s a lot harder to hide the fact of the deaths themselves. And the data clearly indicates that the vaccines are killing more people than Covid ever did:

A very worrying trend in the UK

Since the beginning of July, all-cause deaths have risen 12% over 2020 and 9% over the 2015-2019 average:

59,877 (2021)
53,435 (2020)
54,716 (2015-19 average)

And the gap is widening. For the newest available week (Aug. 13) it was 16% over 2020.

Observe that despite the terrible, very bad, almost-the-Black-Death Covid pandemic, 2.3 percent fewer people died in the UK in 2020 than was the annual average. And now, thanks in greater part to the miraculous fake vaccines, 12 percent more people will die in 2021 than died in 2020.

They told you to “trust the science” and the science lied.

UPDATE: A doctor has serious doubts about the fake vaccines:

Educated in the sciences, chemistry, pathology and board certified. There is something very wrong with the vaccines and what is going on with the vaccinated folks. Vaccines are usually designed to show the immune system the threat without the disease. Lymphocytes are the work horses of the immune system and they have life-time memory. Passing that memory and immunity on to each successive next generation of lymphocytes. While some lymphocytes only live weeks most live months and some live years. The loss of immunity to Covid in what appears to be six months is extremely troubling and raises the questions about exactly what is in these vaccines. Remember, these pharm had to get the Covid virus from the government to culture and make the vaccines. Very troubling.