CDC Gears Up for Round 3

You may have thought that you were “fully-vaccinated” after receiving two rounds of experimental gene therapy. Surprise!

Now the CDC wants everyone to line up for a third round of clot-shot lottery.

Note carefully: The Israel data says this will fail and kill lots of people.

Aran’s message for the United States and other wealthier nations considering boosters is stark: “Do not think that the boosters are the solution.”

That’s right. They’re not.

Delta may be more-transmissible but if you’re immune it does not matter how transmissible a virus is. You either can or cannot be infected. It’s binary. If you’re immune then you’re immune. If you’re not then you’re not.

The idea that somehow Delta “can” break through immunity because it is more transmissible is flat-out scientific fraud and everyone who says that and has any knowledge of viruses and immunity knows it. They’re lying, on purpose, and every one of them deserves to be locked up in GITMO as a ****ing terrorist and waterboarded to within an inch of their lives.

The reason Delta is “breaking through” is either due to OAS or the fact that the vaccines never did work worth a crap in the first place to prevent you from getting infected. Their “efficacy” was a lie but whether its due to mutational reality or the fact that we claimed “effectiveness” simply due to herd effects with the existing circulating strains at the time does not matter.

My suspicion is that there is a blend of both going on here and there is science to back that up; the mutational pattern that we have seen and the science behind it says that evasion is happening. The “wild coding” used originally and to this day for the jabs is long-extinct; there is basically zero of that circulating anymore in the population. It has all been subsumed by ordinary mutational process and we had every reason to believe this would happen when Covid-19 first showed up because it has happened with every other coronavirus we have studied through history — including the closest analog SARS-1 which mutated itself out of transmission and being a threat to people.

This is much like what happens with the flu shot every year: They have to guess which specific flu strains will show up in advance. They’re never right. Their match varies in effectiveness but is basically never 100%. Get it right, you get decent protection. Get it wrong you get little or nothing.

Except: Every coronavirus in history has mutated at a high rate in the spike domain. All of them. We knew this and we ALSO knew before the first shot went into the first arm the strain against which the vaccines were developed — all of them — was extinct in the wild, having been out-competed by said mutations.

And this is why you are much better off to remain unvaccinated and rely upon natural immunities and long-proven medical treatments to combat the virus and its variants. The alternative is to subject yourself to a never-ending series of fake vaccines every six months as recommended by the experts who knowingly lied to you until you die of either an ADE infection or a heart attack.

It’s really not a difficult choice.