Wednesday PM Arktoons

SAVAGE MEMES Episode 5: Immunity

MIDNIGHT’S WAR Episode 17: Still Life and Death

THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM Episode 18: Hollow Inside

You may notice a subtle change to the interface today, as we’ve added a total pageviews counter. Currently, Arktoons has already amassed 1,461,825 views and counting since its launch, which may explain why DC Comics has now apparently abandoned its attempts to partner with Tapas and is now trying to establish itself on Webtoons.

Proof, if any was needed, that this is an effective and increasingly important platform. Thanks to the subscribers, we’re going to be adding several new series in September, including but not limited to: Rebel Dead Revenge, Snakehand, and The Day of the Pillow. We also anticipate being able to permit independent creators to begin adding new series in the reasonably near future.

It would be amusing, would it not, if Marvel decided it absolutely needed to be on a viable digital platform….