Max the vaxx

In which a meme becomes reality:

People should receive a different Covid vaccine for their third jab because it will boost their immunity, one Government adviser claimed today.

Professor Danny Altmann, an immunologist at Imperial College London and a member of SAGE’s immunology taskforce, said a mix-and-match approach for booster jabs is ‘always going to be a good idea’.

A different third jab will stimulate the immune system in a slightly different way and maximises the chance of a strong immune response, he said.

Scientists at Oxford University found in June that mixing and matching Covid jabs can give more protection and said their research could have a ‘major impact’ on the booster campaign being considered in the UK.

Trusssst the sssscience! Mix and match and max the vaxx! The more, the merrier the mutation.

UPDATE: Also, three shots is not enough.

Fourteen Israelis have been diagnosed with COVID-19 despite having been inoculated with a third COVID-19 vaccine dose, according to Health Ministry data reported by Channel 12 news on Sunday. According to the network, two of those infected after receiving the booster shot have been hospitalized.