Marvel strip-mines comics

And they don’t fairly compensate the creators either:

Controversy sparked this week after a report claimed that comic book writers and artists who helped create characters and stories used in Hollywood blockbuster superhero movies have received very little, if any, money. In an article published on Monday, which cited several comic book industry sources, the Guardian reported that “when a writer or artist’s work features prominently in a Marvel film, the company’s practice is to send the creator an invitation to the premiere and a cheque for $5,000” – despite some of the movies making over $2 billion.

Others, however, reportedly received nothing when their work was adapted to the big screen, while a small number of creators received “special character contracts,” which gave them some remuneration. Even then, at least one creator who had signed a special character contract with Marvel told the Guardian that the company had later refused to honor it, instead sending a token payment of $5,000.

Greed, combined with a complete lack of appreciation for talent, will be their downfall. This report indicates that creators are already making more annual money on Arktoons than they are from having their work featured prominently in a Marvel film.