Less than nothing

That’s what the Pfizer vaccine does, according to a large Pfizer-funded study:

The highly-anticipated Pfizer’s safety and efficacy study of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine is finally out. After six months of monitoring over 45,000 patients, the study found that there were 15 deaths in the vaccine group and 14 deaths in the unvaccinated placebo group.

In other words, more vaccinated people died from the virus than the unvaccinated. According to the study, there were no deaths among 12‒15-year-old participants. The study not only demonstrates the lack of efficacy in the most important group but also highlights the extremely low fatality rate of Covid-19 in most of the 45,000 participants.

And before the Vaccine Nazis jump on the claim that there were more vaccinated participants than unvaccinated, there were 21,926 vaccinated and 21,921 unvaccinated participants. That means the chance of dying is  1 in 1,462 for the vaccinated and 1 in 1,565 for the unvaccinated.

The Pfizer vaccine doesn’t even reduce the risk of death, which is the last thing the Vaccine Nazis are still trying to claim it does.

Of course, this was before ADE and the Delta variant were combining to endanger the vaccinated, so “less than nothing” is the current best case scenario for the vaccines.