Countdown to conviction

If this Twitter thread recounting the man’s personal history is even remotely accurate, it appears to only be a matter of time before Stephen Fry, the BBC-appointed Smartest Man in Britain and ticket-taker extraordinaire, is conclusively demonstrated to be a bicycling enthusiast and fully-accredited member of Team Savile.


Let’s hear it for one of Britain’s best-loved national treasures: Stephen Fry! Thanks to @gigameds for originally pointing out some of the reasons why we should celebrate the UK’s foremost intellectual.

Amongst his many talents, Fry is first and foremost an extraordinarily talented writer. His first play was written at the tender age of just 22 in 1979.

Of course, most of you will know him from his hilarious role as presenter of the BBC celebrity panel show QI where you can frequently hear him perform humourous songs about the affairs of the day.

There was a young chaplain from King’s

Who talked about God and such things

But his real desire

Was a boy in the choir

With a bottom like jelly on springs

Fry is even personally involved with charities that “help find missing children”. He carries a sufficiently heavy burden of guilt to have attempted suicide “on a number of occasions.” And, of course, he’s ELOW. With this much thick, black, oily smoke surrounding the fat, pompous narcissist, it would be more shocking to eventually learn that there wasn’t, in fact, any Hellfire.

Fry even looks enough like Cyril Smith to play the late paedophile Member of Parliament in a biopic.