Vaccine remorse

Stand your ground if you’re unvaccinated. It’s already clear that in addition to all of the adverse effects, the vaccines make you more susceptible to serious harm from Covid, not less susceptible.

Fauci has now admitted, on live camera, that a person with a breakthrough infection is just as dangerous as someone who was never vaccinated and gets infected.

This was expected by anyone who has ever studied anything about viral disease and the use of non-sterilizing immunizations when infections are active in a community.  We have known this all the way back to Polio and is why we insisted on a sterilizing vaccine (OPV) following the inactivated injected vaccine (IPV) in the United States until 20 years after we were declared polio-free.

In addition it is exactly what is expected if a non-sterilizing vaccine produces both binding and neutralizing antibodies and we know, scientifically, that all the existing jabs do exactly that.  When levels wane you still have binding antibodies and when the neutralizing level falls below the threshold to protect you now have an enhancement of the disease rather than protection.  A person who was never infected and not vaccinated does not have the binding antibodies and thus, while at risk, doesn’t get the enhancement.  Now we have real-world evidence that in fact the jabs produce risk as immunity wanes and that said risk may exceed, on a personal level, what someone has who never been infected or vaccinated is exposed to.

This is why AstraZeneca is reported to be trying to get out of the vaccine business despite the massive profits the vaccine makers are presently enjoying, and why boosters are probably going to be mandated for everyone who was foolish enough to get vaccinated. The problem of Antibody Dependent Enhancement causing breakthrough infections predicted by the mRNA critics more than one year ago has come to pass, which is why vaccinated people are dying of Covid despite the fact that the virus is weaker than it was in early 2020.

The reason I’m not expecting doom, mass graveyards, and CASE NIGHTMARE KITTY is because Covid-19 is far less deadly to humans than SARS-CoV-2 is to cats and ferrets. So, even though the ADE-breakthrough cases will be fatal to a small, but statistically significant minority of the vaccinated population, most people should survive them.