China rubs Afghan failure in US face

The Taliban is recognized by China:

The inviting of a delegation from the Taliban Islamic fundamentalist group to Beijing this week has raised eyebrows across the world. Is China being clever, or does it face grave dangers on entering the “graveyard of empires”?

China this week took the highly unusual step of hosting a delegation from the Taliban in Beijing for talks, as concerns rise about the future of Afghanistan, amidst growing fighting and a massive offensive by the Islamist group against the government, whose days are increasingly seen as numbered. 

Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated he expected the Taliban to play a role in the “peace, reconciliation and reconstruction process” in Afghanistan. The visit was interpreted widely by the mainstream media that China was giving its blessing to the legitimacy of the Taliban on the international stage, and this has occurred despite huge ideological and theological differences between the two sides. 

Despite all that, they have found a set of “common interests” to collude in, concerning the future of the country. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, while visiting India, said that the Taliban risks creating a “pariah state” but nonetheless admitted that China may have a “positive role to play” in the country.

There is no chance China is going to make the mistake of the British, Soviet, and US empires. This is a PR move meant to underline China’s international influence growing at the expense of the declining imperial US.

China is playing its grand strategy very, very well. It’s avoiding the mistake of confronting the US directly – it refused to arm or otherwise assist the Taliban while the USA was at war with them – knowing that time and demographics are on its side.