There is no “could have” about it

Vaccinated people carry a much higher load than unvaccinated people. This was predicted and is part of the ADE breakthrough problem. As the educated skeptics have been correctly pointing out from the start, Covid vaccines are literally worse than useless.

Karl Denninger has been pointing this out for months.
The data is that these jabs do not prevent disease.  They also do not prevent transmission of disease.  In fact they appear to, if you get a breakthrough case, make transmission more likely in that the Ct data from these miners shows equal or lower values on balance in the vaccinated cohort with one sample at Ct22!  Reminder: The lower the Ct the more virus you have in your body.
Now granted this is a small group — very small.  But it is extremely concerning that the lowest Ct recorded among these cases was a fully-vaccinated person.  Where is the data from the state labs and CDC on these “breakthroughs” and their Ct numbers generally?  It’s not being reported.  I bet you can guess why not without needing more than one guess.