Vibrants vibe and Boomers boom

Arizona tries to simultaneously play the “I love the hate” card while simultaneously claiming that all the younger generations are going to die too. Not a convincing look. 2 of 5 Pillows.

Vox Popoli has done so much for the local pop corn industry I think they owe you at least a Christmas card or a thank you note. Day was interesting in his college days but that was then and now is now and what was once interesting has become fetishistic and curmudgeonly in the current iteration. And that’s where to pop corn comes in when I pass by here a little snack goes well with the unintended entertainment.

And BTW, While you’re so happily anticipate our coming pillorying anticipate your own because from this old boomers point of view the world at large has a date with a historic event that’s going to leave multitudes dead. Perhaps billions as other soi disant elites massage their fetishes that will consume the masses without regard to Race Religion or political affiliation. Now enjoy the show kiddies.

Rumpole, on the other hand, pretends that while he was previously down with the substantive criticism, it’s merely being told to shut up that really gets his generational goat: 1 of 5 Pillows.

Re: “Shut up, Boomer” Many earlier posts on the suject consisted of fact based criticism. Much of it was entirely valid. The Woodstock and Villages ones were really priceless, and likewise, many of the fact based comments were great (at least when the facts were correct). Having been spoiled by this and the other hearty fare, served up by a master, it is disappointing to see bare, insipid, ad hominem pap. 

Jim appears to be on the verge of awareness. It will be interesting to see if he ever ponders the reason the younger generations see no point in asking Boomers for help and advice:

There is a lot of old school knowledge that is being lost as boomers die off and retire. I have seen this in a engineering lab I worked in. The trend is to rely on computer models to rush products into production. Recall rates have been high on New products that the old guard would not allow to go to market. I spent 35 years in that engineering center (ag and construction components) I can tell you how the younger generations hate the boomers and will not seek them out for help or advice. 

Marky Mark indulges in the great Boomer pasttime. “Nothing that we did is our fault! It’s our PARENTS’ fault. Or maybe our grandparents’. But definitely not ours! Also, we changed the world!” 3 of 5 Pillows.

This gets tiring, as it wasn’t just the Boomers who put us in the pickle we’re in; there are plenty from earlier generations who got us here. Exhibit One is the Hart-Cellar Act, which was passed by those who preceeded the Boomers by decades. Exhibit Two is the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Were the Boomers’ parents even alive back then?

As for Nelson Mandela, he mostly arose to prominence back when we had the Big Three TV networks; if they didn’t speak about something, it didn’t happen. He was practically canonized as a SAINT, for goodness sake! Since the Big Three canonized him, the viewers believed Walter Cronkite and company.

If the last year has taught us nothing else, it’s that the media are still very powerful. We may not like to think that, given the distrust for the media; we don’t like to think that, because we also know what’s going on. The proof of their power is how almost everyone masked up during the COVID scamdemic. That’s with a viable alternative media; that’s with huge DISTRUST of the MSM! Can you imagine how powerful the media were back in the days when there were only the Big Three TV networks? 

But Ghostsniper offers us some classic Peak Boomer: He’s got two things. He’s got grit, bootstraps, and his generation. He’s got three things. He’s got grit, bootstraps, his generation, and The Beatles. And you’re all just jealous of that. 4 of 5 Pillows.

“Shut up, Boomer”


Has anything more pussified ever been written?

And written by a person only a few years shy of boomerhood himself.

The most pathetic part is all the other pussy trolls who are easily led by this childish screed.

A few decent posts and then, bam, another rant composed by a schoolgurl.

Just like predictable clockwork.

What is it, simple envy/jealousy?

Or something more manic like bipolar disorder created by a trashed out childhood that lasted well into adulthood?

Dood, get a clue, even if you have to buy it. srsly 

I wonder, what part of “Shut up, Boomer” is so hard for these Boomers to understand? We accuse them of being totally unable to stop talking about themselves, and they deny the accusation by conclusively proving it. But we genuinely aren’t interested in their opinions. We aren’t interested in what they think, say, or believe. We’ve all had to listen to their interminable self-obsessed soliloquies for literally all of our lives, and we’re not listening anymore.

Now it’s our turn. We’ll do the talking and we’re going to relentlessly mock them and pile contempt upon them until The Day of the Pillow arrives and the Boomers finally, blessedly, fall silent once and forevermore.

Repent, Boomer. The sands of your hourglass are running out.