Shut up, Boomer

 for fucks sake, stop with all the boomer shit.

Certainly, just as soon as the last Boomer either repents or dies. If you don’t like it, go away and watch Fox News or play pickleball or buy another condo or do whatever it is you Boomers do as you await your own personal Day of the Pillow.

This is a waste of an able mind, and irrelevant.

It is neither. The best way to convince the younger generations that they should not follow your generation’s wicked example is to pour unrelenting scorn and contempt on you. No one wants to be like you. No one wants to be remembered the way you will be remembered. Your very identity has already become an offensive term, like “gay” or “Negro”. It’s a beautiful thing.

And it’s amusing that the Boomers think it takes any effort at all to make a conclusively damning case against them. Every day, in every way, they are condemned by the state of the world they sought to create. Just to give one example, all of that ridiculous Mandela worship and bragging about ending apartheid in South Africa isn’t exactly aging well.