The conservative defense of pedophilia

Rod Dreher thinks it’s all just a joke. They’re not evil, they’re just stupid, you see:

What these smart-asses in San Francisco did was make a satirical song and video that would win them plaudits in their own circles by making fun of normies. They posted this online on July 1. My guess is that they began hearing back today from LGBT people outside of safe blue districts telling them that they are out of their damn minds. This is confirming the worst possible stereotype: the gays are targeting our kids. I say fantastic: the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus said the quiet part out loud. Sure, they say in the video that they’re talking about converting them into being “tolerant and fair,” but that is not at all how it will be received. And that, I’m sure, is why the fools took it down.
I’m still flabbergasted by how idiotic this was. These childless men apparently have no idea at all how most people feel about their children.

Do you see the way in which the good conservative can’t bring himself to condemn proud and overt evil even when it openly declares that it is coming for his children?

They are smart-asses. They are fools. They are idiots. Dreher is willing to call them anything except that which they are: the wicked.

The reason you know Dreher and all other conservatives of his kind are defenders of evil is because you will never, ever, see them accepting satire as an excuse when it comes to actual jokes about blacks, Jews, or homosexuals. To the contrary, they will be the first to denounce even an actual joke told by a comedian at a professional comedy event as incontrovertible evidence of racism, anti-semitism, or homophobia.

But outright pedophilia professed in a non-comedic setting by a group containing multiple convicted pedophiles? Well, that can’t possibly be a collection of the wicked publicly celebrating their evil lusts, it’s just obvious satire making fun of normies that went a little too far because they’re insufficiently intelligent to understand the very difficult concept of parental love.

This is exactly what is meant by pedophistry. Rod Dreher isn’t a pedophile, and yet he publicly defends them and excuses their evil. And those who attempt to pass off evil as stupidity are both defending and enabling it.