England got off to a shockingly good start, but the Azzurri took control of the game after the first 15 minutes and dominated it, although they only managed to break through and score once. However, if Insigne had gone low instead of high when he jumped on the rebound from Chiesa’s shot in the 57th minute, he would have put the ball right between Pickford’s legs for another score.

Southgate made a horrific error at the end of extra time, in my opinion, by having two young Africans, who hadn’t played at all throughout the 120 minutes, take the penalties. Not only did both of them miss, but one didn’t even put it on target.

Italy was clearly and consistently the best team of the tournament, and definitely deserved to win. And in light of Brazil’s underwhelming performance in its 1-0 loss to Argentina in the Copa America final last night, they have to be feeling very optimistic about their chances at the World Cup next summer.

The Italians, of course, are taking the championship calmly in their stride, as is their wont.

L’Europa è nostra!

Italia campione d’Europa a Wembley, Inghilterra battuta 4-3 ai rigori. Donnarumma para i due tiri decisivi.