You just need GRIT

This Boomer response to the Kurgan’s post on Gen X non-leadership demonstrates their wicked cluelessness better than anything I could possibly write myself.

Some narrow minded loser spouted off: “…shutting down all the routes to power…” ======== Utter bullshit. You know what REAL power is? Getting as much control of your own life as possible and it doesn’t matter at all what anybody else thinks, especially losers. You’ll not attain much in this life, no wealth, no happiness, no satisfaction, if you rely on and depend on others to provide it for you. You have stand all the way up like a man with a backbone and walk the walk. Are there obstacles? Of course. The path without obstacles has not been invented. Obstacles are to be met head on and overcome and that will make you stronger. You don’t get stronger lifting 1 lb dumb bells all your life. Nothing breeds enthusiasm like success and with each fallen obstacle your path will become a little easier. But it will never be easy. Life itself is a challenge and everything in it is challenging to those that have vision and drive and welcome challenge. Find a vocation you truly enjoy, one that you can do 80 hours a week or more. Clement Stone said your life should be divided 50/50. Goal achieving and Tension relieving. Thinking someone should give you a job and give as much salary as you think you deserve is childish whim. When you work for 1 employer it is tantamount to putting all your financial eggs in one basket and asking an idiot to carry it for you. Grow a pair. Get your own basket and carry it always. By having firm control over your vocation and income it will free your mind up in all other things to where opportunities you had never known before open up to you. Your family life will be better when you have control over your work and income. Everything is better when you have as much control as possible and striving for more. We aren’t here to be slaves, not at all. We are here to take complete control of the only lives we will ever own. No one is born into a perfect life, we all have baggage. The winner in life never gives up and is constantly thinking, trying, doing. You’re only as good as you think you are.

See, loser! All you need is grit, a firm handshake, and to look them in the eye.

Shut up, Boomer.